Residential Heating Services For Your Comfort

When the mercury starts to drop, you want your home to be warm and comfortable. HVAC Direct’s residential heating services include furnace installation, furnace repair, and emergency heat repair. Whatever service you require for your residential heating system, we can handle it in a professional, experienced manner.

Repair and Maintenance

If your heat pump or furnace is not keeping your home warm, we can make a repair or maintenance call. Our employees show up on time in HVAC Direct uniforms, and they will inspect your residential heating system and discuss their recommendations with you before beginning any repair work.

Repairs can usually be made quickly, because our company trucks are stocked with replacement parts. Our employees will prepare the workspace and then get started on the repair work. Once the job is complete, we will clean up and then test the system to make sure it is working correctly.

HVAC Direct offers a maintenance policy for our residential clients that helps prevent breakdowns. We will visit twice a year to inspect the system, perform routine adjustments, and ensure the units are clean and operating properly.


Furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating equipment are designed to last, but even they malfunction and break down after a certain number of years. If you need a new heating system, HVAC Direct can visit your home, inspect it, and provide a free estimate.

In some cases, a heat pump or furnace may be in decent working condition, but it may be too small for the residence. This causes the house to be cold and uncomfortable. HVAC Direct will evaluate your home and properly size your equipment. If it is too small, we can recommend a replacement.

HVAC professionals with years of experience and knowledge will install your new equipment. The process takes several hours, and before we begin work, the area is prepared to prevent accidental damage. Great care is also taken to make sure your new unit is carefully take out of its packaging before being properly installed.

Whether you need furnace installation, maintenance or heat pump repair and service, HVAC Direct can take care of your residential heating system.

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